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600 vs 1203 - The Pros & Cons

Let me preface this with in a perfect world this parcel would have never been sold by Montgomery County and the County would still be running the Parkhouse facilty formerly know as the Johnson Home, Geriatric Center, Poorhouse, Alms House. I am not advocating for development but in my opinion if it has to happen then the 1203 totally age restricted facility is the way to go. That is why the ground was originally purchased decades and decades ago. When the Alms House began it was for the elderly who needed care and didn't have any resources.

So . . .

The current zoning allows for a totally age restricted development which the developer has proposed 1203 units. This would basically be an expansion of the existing Parkhouse facility except that the new units will be 62+ and as people get older or need more help they can transition thru the facility to get the help they need. The zoning keeps the development at no more than 50% of the total space to allow for trees and grass areas along with the existing wetlands along the creek which feeds the Schuylkill River.

The zoning change which was proposed by the developer would allow EVERY parcel in Upper Providence Township with the same zoning (I have not been able to acquire a list of said parcels from the Township, but imagine the Pharmaceuticals which have undeveloped land, etc) to allow for R2 housing, which is Residential Higher Density so small postcard sized lot for any single family homes and very tightly placed, townhomes, stacked townhomes (one on top of another, condo like), etc. There are other things built into this zoning change. One for example is changing the requirement of open space on the parcel to a donation by the developer of parcels for the Township. This sounds all good, but in reality it is a tax donation for the Developer (IRS requires tax deduction to be a donation and not a requirement) and we aren't talking deductions like individuals or small businesses take we are talking 30-40 Million Dollars. Royersford Holdings purchased this 176 +- parcel in February of 2020 for $250,000, you read that right I did not miss a comma or any zeros, so their capiral gains is thru the roof as they imply that the parcel is worth $90,000,000. As a donation the Township has the maintenance, insurance, etc on this open space, while no different than other areas these donated parcels are usually wetland and other inconveniently located strips of non developable space which often do not lend themselves for much more than a walking path.

Here is a link to Upper Providence Township’s website page of links related to Parkhouse for you to see and compare for yourself.

Please attend the Board of Supervisors Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29

at 6:00 pm. Even if you don't want to speak, just being there will show the Township how many people don't want to see this happen. If not for you then do it for your children, grandchildren and all the other young people in your life. Once this beautiful parcel is irresponsibly developed it is gone.

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Thank you for All your group is doing. Im on the side of 1203 units also. Don’t like any of this but think its the way to go. See you at the meeting Carol P

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