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The Save Parkhouse Farm movement is led by a group of concerned Upper Providence, Montgomery County citizens who are working diligently to stop the development of 176+ acres of land bordered by Second Avenue, Rt 113/Black Rock Road, Old State Road and Yeager Road. This land has been continuously farmed for as long as we could find records on the property (back to the 1700's).

And had been owned by Montgomery County since 1801 until it was sold to a developer in 2014

under the guise of continuing the Parkhouse center as is. Within a few years that developer asked for a subdivision and claimed he had no plans to develop the beautiful fields.

These fields, rolling hills, streams and wetlands are home for many endangered and preserved animals

such as the Bog Turtle and Bald Eagle. As well as Deer, Fox, Raccoon, Opossum, Snake,

other types of Turtles, Hawk, Owl, Mink, River Otter and more.

This space is the largest refuge for these animals we have in Upper Providence.

Plans which have been presented by the owner/developer have been high density housing.

This will stress our roads, fire company, police, EMS, schools, environment, ecology, and more. 

All of this will cause TAXES to INCREASE.

Don't let them pave paradise to put up a parking lot

We don't need another pink hotel, boutique or swinging hot spot

                                                                      Big Yellow Taxi, by Joni Mitchell

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate the community as to what the plans for the 176+ acres known as Parkhouse Farm are and make the Board of Supervisors and Upper Providence Township aware that the community does not want this space developed.

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Be A Good Steward

We need to be good stewards and preserve this last remaining undeveloped parcel in Upper Providence Township for the environment, our community,

and our children.

We Need Your Support Today!

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